Monday, May 2, 2011

327 Days

I made it 327 days of being able to feed Sydney on my own.  My goal was to do six months.  I never thought I'd make it as long as I have (and will hopefully get to one year) without having to supplement.

Unfortunately, with her one year birthday so close in sight, it just seems like there wasn't enough for her.  We had a sample container of formula that was sent to me after we got home from the hospital.  It'd been sitting there tempting me for the last month or so.  I don't know what I was so hesitant.  Kendall was on formula solely at 4.5 months.  She had a little from the beginning. 

Something was just different this time around.  I knew before I knew it we'd be done and I'd lose that cuddle time that was just for us.  Maybe it was just a pride thing to say I made it.

Either way, I made it 327 days on only breast milk (other than solids of course) and I'm pretty darn proud of that.  I will continue to nurse her for the next month or so.  But, as I watch Eric make up a couple ounces to feed her I realize this is a good thing too.  Now ehe can enjoy what I've been hogging for the last {almost} 11 months.

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