Sunday, April 17, 2011

10 months old

Baby girl is 10 months old already!  She is growing up and learning so much.  She's had a few milestones in the last month and is continuing to bring us smiles every day.

Weight: 17.8 lbs.
Length: 29"
Head: 17"

Eating:  She's getting better with the texture of foods.  She's still mostly on breastmilk and purees.  We're working in more table food and trying the sippy cup.  She hasn't completely gotten the hang of that yet.  She doesn't take much for a bottle at one time.

Sleep:  She's been taking a longer morning nap (about 1.5-2.5 hours) around 9:30-10, and a shorter nap after lunch.  She goes to bed around 7:30-8 and gets up around 6:30.  However, the last week she wakes up about a half hour after she goes down and is ready to play for another hour or two.  I keep thinking we need to do some sort of sleep training, because I always have to nurse and/or rock her to sleep.  But....I'm a softie and I HATE hearing her crying.  sigh...maybe next month.

Activity:  She's standing on her own for quite a while and will walk around furniture and push her walking toy.  She's taken up to 5 steps on her own, but hasn't mastered walking yet.  She's fast as can be crawling up the stairs.  She loves clapping and playing peek a boo.  She will put something in front of her eyes, pull it down and just giggle.

Talking:  She says momma, but not a lot else.  She has said dada also.

Size:  Sydney wears 9 month Carters, and 6-12 month clothing.  She is in size three diapers and size two shoes. 

So proud of her standing. :)

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