Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sydney's 8 Months

Wow.  I keep getting worse and worse at this documenting thing.  Sydney actually turned 8 months on the 7th.  That was only 8 days ago. :)

It amazes me how big she's getting on me.  She is changing so much, and it's so fun to watch!!

Here are some stats as to what she's been up to this last month:

Weight - 17 pounds
Length - 27"
Head - 17"

Sleep - One longer nap (maybe 2 hours) and 1-2 shorter naps (1/2 hour or so).  She goes to bed between 7:30-8 and gets up around 6:30.  Finally free of the swaddle and is now just using the sleep sack.  She now always sleeps either on her side or belly.  I lay her on her back and within seconds she'll flip over.  She is still being rocked to sleep every night.  Brianna gets her to lay down and put herself to sleep at daycare, but Sydney just won't do it for me.  She knows how to work her mama.  Good thing I love to cuddle!  Oh well, she won't be needed to be rocked to sleep in college.  I'm enjoying the cuddle time for now.

Eat - Still exclusively breastfed and now on three solids a day.  Fruit/oatmeal for breakfast, veggie/rice cereal for lunch, veggie or fruit for dinner.  She'll nurse before daycare and once to twice at night before bed.  She doesn't drink a lot at one time for her bottles, but will have about 10-14oz a day at daycare.

Play/Activity - Now that she is crawling, she's having so much fun chasing after Kendall and getting into her toys.  Kendall is still loving her little playmate.

Mood - Sydney is still so happy (other than last week when she was sick with a cold) and is usually a really good baby.

Here are her monthly pictures!

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