Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

It is freezing here.  Like, my toes feel like they're going to break off if I'm oustide for more than two minutes kind of freezing.  So, what better than to look back at some warm, sunny pictures from our honeymoon.  One week in paradise in beautiful St. Lucia.  Ahhhh....wish I was there right now.  Until then, crank the fireplace.

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  1. new to your blog found you on another blog I follow. I love it. I am impressed about the making the food yourself. I am a first time mom and I work part-time but have not yet made Seth his food. Just tonight I was looking over a website about how easy it is to actually make it. Now I just need to start.
    Sorry I know this is from another blog but I wanted to comment that I love your photos and wish I could be flying somewhere south for the winter right now. take care.


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