Friday, December 30, 2011

Y3W | 2011's Top Ten

Holy, crap.  How is it almost 2012 already??  It wasn't that long ago that I did the 2010 wrap up, which you can see HERE and HERE.  I thought I'd do it a little differently this year, and compile a top ten list of the most viewed posts.  Click on the titles to see more pictures and fun.

1. Sydney's First Shiner
Poor baby fell and got her first {but not last!} goose egg on her head.  She was a trooper though and was laughing again shortly after.  That was also the day of one of my first {but not last} heart attacks.

2. Our Trip to the A-Maze'n Farmyard

The kids had a blast seeing the animals (even though as you can see Kendall would run away from them).

3. Kendall's Candyland Birthday Party!

This party was so much fun to plan, and Kendall LOVED it.  She said she was so special to get her very own "castle" and was so said when we had to take her road down. :)

4. Kendall's 2nd Surgery

Although it was a tough day, I was so amazed with how well my little angel bounced right back.  She is such a tough cookie, and I couldn't be prouder of her!

5. The Girls Met Santa!

Doesn't Sydney look thrilled?? :)

6. Kendall's 1st Day of School

Kendall started pre-school classes.  She LOVED them and is looking forward to starting back up again this spring.

7. Kendall sings Sunshine
You'll notice I didn't know a line or two on the second verse.  I hadn't figured her learning the song so quickly, so she just followed my humming. :)

Rainbow Brite and Twink!!  I loved, loved, loved the costumes my mom made for the girls.  They wanted to dress up every night for a week straight.  They got so many compliments and comments, and there was nothing funnier to see than Sydney swinging that big belly around.

This birthday was also a blast to plan.  I loved the little owls,and incorporating them where I could. :)

10. A Trip to the Children's Museum

I can't wait to go back, this time with Sydney.  There was so much for Kendall to see, touch, play, paint, pretend, etc.

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thinking Back Thursdays | Vol. 9

Ok, we've had a little break of the TBT posts, due to Kendall's surgery, and then stupid Pinterest errors.  But, we're back now!!
Remember choker necklaces?  These bad boys were so cool.  Even though the feeling of something tight against my neck always gave me the willies, I'd still sacrifice my feelings of suffocation for fashion.

I had these but in brown.  That was probably one of the best days of my high school life.  I found them recently and was tempted to start rocking them again.  You could always tell the knock offs because they didn't have the super cool yellow threading on them.  Posers.  ;)

This was one of my all time favorite movies.  I loved the little girl playing the saxophone!

Remember Swatch watches?  It was so cool to change out the bands, or the face plate or whatever it was to match your outfits for the day.

Oh, Tiffany.  I loved this tape.  Yes, you read that right, tape.  I am totally singing "I think we're alone now" in my head as I type this.  You hear it don't you?  That beat of the drum solo.
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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday | Christmas 2011, Vol. II

In case you missed the first post of our Christmas fun, you can catch it here. Also, this won't really fit the "wordless" part of Wordless Wednesdays, but oh well! :)  Christmas Eve we our next get together at Eric's grandma's house.  Sydney entertained herself with a booster chair for quite a while.
The girls got little coloring books in their gifts.  Kendall decided to lay right in the middle of the floor and read her book.
The girls got some new jambes from Great-Grandma!
Sydney got a slide from her Aunt Emily, and let me tell you - this thing is a hit in our house!
Since we were gone all afternoon, Sydney missed her nap.  So, unfortunately, she was out cold by 6pm and missed out on the Santa prep. :(  Kendall took over and carefully selected which cookies she wanted to leave for Santa.
She then decided that the reindeer liked to eat marshmallows, so we had to leave a bowl out on the floor.
Here is Kendall telling me about what happens when Santa comes. :)

Christmas morning!!  Sydney doesn't look it, but she was excited too! In fact, Kendall and Sydney had to share a hug over their excitement. lol
One of Kendall's favorite gifts to open was a photo book of pictures of her.  Go figure.  Vain little girl. :)
And, finally, here is a little video of Christmas morning and Kendall finding out that Santa did in fact stop by.  Sorry, it's sideways.

Whew!  That's our Christmas wrap up!  It was so much fun, and it was amazing to see the excitement through the kids' eyes.
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Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011, Vol. I

I figured I'd break out our Christmas into 2 posts, because there are a LOT of pictures.  :)

Our Christmas started out when I got home from work Thursday night.  Now, everyone knows that Santa enjoys a cookie or two.  We certainly didn't want him to pass over our house, so it was time for some baking!  I have to be honest here.  While at my mom's the previous weekend, she made up the batch of cookies for me, so all we had to do was roll them out and bake them.  I guess no matter how old you get, your mommy still wants to take care of you. :)

The girls had lots of fun cutting out the different shapes.  (also, in case you were wondering, Eric was standing right next to Sydney in case she decided to tumble off her bar stool.  He's just not as cute to get in the picture and didn't have his Minnie Mouse pjs on.)
After the cookies were all baked, it was time to frost them.  Kendall, not surprisingly got the green frosting, and Sydney the yellow.  You may ask, "Why yellow frosting for Christmas?"  The answer....because I couldn't find the red food dye.  :)  Sydney frosted for about .012 seconds until she got a bit on her finger.  That finger then went into her mouth and her eyes lit up.  Why frost the cookies when you can just eat spoonfuls of frosting?!?  Kendall shortly followed suit, and so it was time to wrap it up.

Friday morning, we packed up and went to daddy's family for the morning.  I woke up with a little morning sickness.  I tried telling Eric that he had a surprise Christmas gift coming in 9 months.  He didn't find it as humorous as I did. (No, I am NOT pregnant.  I just like to freak him out a bit).  Before we could open gifts, we had to attempt a family picture.  I'm the second from the left.  Look 2 people over.  Like her shirt?  Now look back to me.  Yeah, we must have great taste. :)

It didn't take Kendall long before she was tearing into her presents.  Sydney caught right on as well and had fun with them.  Although, she realized that it was just as much fun to climb on the bigger gifts as it was to open them.  I need to find a baby rock wall and let her go to town.
Each of the grand kids get a Santa bag with their name on them filled with gifts.  I just realized now that I cut off poor Owen's head a little in this picture.  Sorry, Owen!
If you know me, you have probably heard me whine about how badly I had always wanted a power wheels.  I was going to buy one for the girls, but Eric didn't think it was necessary.  I was going to give him this year, and go for it next year.  However, Grandma and Grandpa surprised us all, and Kendall and Sydney are the proud new owners of a fancy new ride.
After the excitement of opening gifts the first time, Sydney (and Mommy) took a little nap.  Up next we headed to my parents for my dad's side and later my family.  The girls loved seeing all of their cousins that they don't get to play with nearly as much as we'd like.  Sydney, once again just liked hiding behind the bar stools.  We didn't have any luck with a family picture here. :(
Check back soon for Christmas Eve and Christmas day.  To tide you off, here is a little video of Kendall singing Jingle Bells.  I'm telling you, the girl loves to see herself.  My new iPhone has a camera in the front, so I can record her while she watches herself.  That's why she sometimes makes the funny faces. :)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Merry Christmas to All.

Sorry, folks.  There will be no Thinking Back Thursday post this week.  :(  Pinterest has decided to once again be a butt head to me.  I missed last weeks due to Kendall's surgery, so I'll have to be really good next week.

I'm anxiously watching the clock click down.  I am 45 minutes away from the start of my 4 day Christmas vacation.  I am so, so, so excited to watch the girls reactions this year.  Last year, Sydney was bouncing around in her jumper with no idea what was going on.  Kendall was starting to get it, but easily distracted.

This year will be a whole new experience for both of them, and I am so antsy to watch it through their eyes.  I still fondly remember the thrill and excitement of waking up to discover Santa had arrived and unloaded a sleigh full of presents at our house.

We will be busy celebrating with family all day tomorrow and Saturday.  I'm hoping to get a ton of pictures, and maybe a few videos of the squeals and laughter.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and hope you also embrace the magic of the season!

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