Friday, December 17, 2010

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Kendall's Rough Week

Poor Kendall.  She's had quite the last week or so.  It all started last week with the flu.  Then the next night was the awful dresser incident.  We thought after that we could be in the clear.  Not so much...

After being fine last Friday and Saturday, Kendall threw up again Sunday night.  We were pretty confused as to what that was from, but luckily this time it was only once.  However, after her 1am bath to clean her up, she was WIDE awake and ready to play.  I think it was after 5 am when she went to bed.  I tried helping Eric out but at 3:30am I had to go to bed, knowing my lovely alarm clock would be ringing in two hours.  I think he dozed off on the couch, so Kendall may have had her run of the house.  I found her passed out on the living room floor, close to Eric.

Tuesday afternoon Eric left with a friend to go hunting for a couple of days.  Of course, that was the day Kendall was SUPER emotional.  All week she would have major temper tantrums, cry at the drop of the hat and just seemed "off".  Myself and her daycare noticed she'd been pulling at her ear and had complained that her ears hurt a couple of times.

Really, can a kid get the flu, smushed in her closet and an ear infection in one week??  Just in case, I made a dr. appointment for yesterday afternoon.  Apparently, my kid is a good faker.  Her ears are as clear as can be.  I was actually hoping she was sick and at least had an excuse for her attitude.  Yesterday and today have been good so far.  ***Fingers crossed!***

Momma's ready for a break! 

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  1. Poor little girl! I hope she feels better soon and gives you all a much needed break :)

  2. oh wow... poor kendall!! get better SOON (for everyone's sake).


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