Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sydney is 6 months!

Sydney is six months old already...half a the heck did this happen already?!? She's growing up so fast in front of our eyes.

Weight - 15lb 5.5oz (38%)
Length - 25" (25%)
Head - 16" (8%)  Little pin head! :)
Milestones - sitting (for a few seconds before toppeling over)
Eating - started solids!  We started with rice cereal for a week, and then tried out oatmeal.  This past week we've tried sweet potatoes and green beans.  Sydney scarfed both down.  It did not take her long to figure this out.  I think she feels pretty special sitting in the high chair too.  My big girl.
Clothes - 3-6 months.  I think I could pull out some 6-9 month sizes soon.
Diapers - size 2
Sleeping - 1 longer (about 2 hr) nap and a couple shorter 1/2 hr naps during the day.  Sleeps from about 7:30-6 or 6:30 at night.  STILL swaddled.  We're working on weaning, but it's not going too well. 
Activity - really starting to love playing with toys, LOVES her jumper, is happiest watching big sister Kendall, will not stay on her back for more than 2 seconds and rolls all across the living room.

Now, the best part of the monthly birthdays - pictures!!

And here are a couple of her six month pictures we had taken.  So.stinking.cute!! this girl. :)

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  1. ahhh! she is so happy. and so cute!! happy six months sydney!


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