Thursday, December 9, 2010

I hate vomit!!

I guess that should go without saying. I suppose I shouldn't complain too much. Kendall is over two years old and hasn't really been sick yet, other than a cold. Well, that changed last night. We woke up around 12:45 to what sounded like her choking. We ran in her room to find out she threw up EVERYWHERE!! So nasty.

We got her cleaned up and bathed. Eric had her in her highchair to have some water and a cracker while I worked on the laundry wher round two began. After that, she threw up about 8 more times in about an hour. I felt so bad for the little honey.

We ended up camping out on the living room floor together so we could be with her if she got sick again. Luckily her body finally gave her a little break. She's feeling back to normal today but I just pray Sydney doesn't catch this!

I guess cleaning up vomit is one right of passage I needed to conquor in motherhood. I'm good for awhile now!

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