Friday, December 31, 2010

Best Christmas Yet

So, once again I'm late.  However, I'm still within the week, so it's OK.  Right?!?

This was, by far, my favorite Christmas yet.  It was the first Christmas as a family of four.  Kendall started to "get it" this year and we started with our traditions, that I hope to follow through the years.

Last Thursday, I took off of work to spend a little time with the girls before all of the craziness started.  Kendall and I started out the morning making Christmas cookies.  Even something as simple as cutout cookies proved to be difficult for me, but alas they turned out.  And turned out well!  By the time they were made and ready to frost, it was Kendall's nap time, but she l.o.v.e.d doing it.  As soon as we'd get one shape cut out, she'd squeal and say, "Now this one mama!".  She was so proud of her cookies for Santa.

After the girls got up from their naps, it was off to my parents for my side of the family.  We were able to spend a lot of time hanging out and playing with all the cousins the kids (and us) don't see often enough.  Kendall caught on quickly on the fun of opening presents.  The girls got so many fun things - dolls, puzzles, books, clothes...they are spoiled!  After the gifts were open and she had played herself out, she grabbed a blanket and pillow and made a little bed for herself - right under the tree.  This is definitely my daughter.  The love for Christmas starts early. :)
It was finally time to pack up and head home; we had another big day ahead of us!  Christmas Eve morning we got up and ready and headed off to Eric's parents house for his immediate family's celebrations.  Once again the girls got too many gifts.  Kendall got the pink PBK sink to match the stove and fridge she received last year.  She promptly got her new dishes and started washing.  Then, she kept pretending to wash her hands.  Over and over and over.  A little OCD in her future??

After sneaking in a quick nap, it was then time to head to Eric's grandmas, where once again the girls go MO
RE gifts.  Kendall was a seasoned pro and ripping off the paper by now.  We couldn't stay too long because there were some cookies needing to get out for Santa Claus.  We got home, put on some Christmas jammies and got out the milk and cookies.  Kendall had to pick out her very favorite ones. 

 Christmas morning we jumped out of bed to see if Santa came.  What do you know - even more presents to open.  (As I'm wondering where in the heck I'm supposed to put everything!).  Kendall was so sweet Christmas morning.  She kept wanting Sydney to get presents to open.  I'd hand her one of her own, and she'd say, "No.  CeCe present."  K must have thought daddy looked left out, because she then wanted him to open her gifts.  Looking back, after all this gift opening, maybe she was developing carpel tunnel or something and needed a break?  Sydney was more than happy just bouncing away.  Next year may be a different story!
Finally it was time to dress up and head to Christmas mass.  Eric and I were shocked that both girls {mostly Kendall} were so good and we made it through the whole mass.  I guess Christmas miracles do happen. ;)  After that it was finally time to just hang around the house and relax tear apart all of our new toys.  I convinced Eric that we had to start a tradition that night of driving around looking at Christmas lights.  I think I was the only one that was into it, but oh well! 

Hope your holidays were just as merry! :)

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