Friday, December 31, 2010

Best Christmas Yet

So, once again I'm late.  However, I'm still within the week, so it's OK.  Right?!?

This was, by far, my favorite Christmas yet.  It was the first Christmas as a family of four.  Kendall started to "get it" this year and we started with our traditions, that I hope to follow through the years.

Last Thursday, I took off of work to spend a little time with the girls before all of the craziness started.  Kendall and I started out the morning making Christmas cookies.  Even something as simple as cutout cookies proved to be difficult for me, but alas they turned out.  And turned out well!  By the time they were made and ready to frost, it was Kendall's nap time, but she l.o.v.e.d doing it.  As soon as we'd get one shape cut out, she'd squeal and say, "Now this one mama!".  She was so proud of her cookies for Santa.

After the girls got up from their naps, it was off to my parents for my side of the family.  We were able to spend a lot of time hanging out and playing with all the cousins the kids (and us) don't see often enough.  Kendall caught on quickly on the fun of opening presents.  The girls got so many fun things - dolls, puzzles, books, clothes...they are spoiled!  After the gifts were open and she had played herself out, she grabbed a blanket and pillow and made a little bed for herself - right under the tree.  This is definitely my daughter.  The love for Christmas starts early. :)
It was finally time to pack up and head home; we had another big day ahead of us!  Christmas Eve morning we got up and ready and headed off to Eric's parents house for his immediate family's celebrations.  Once again the girls got too many gifts.  Kendall got the pink PBK sink to match the stove and fridge she received last year.  She promptly got her new dishes and started washing.  Then, she kept pretending to wash her hands.  Over and over and over.  A little OCD in her future??

After sneaking in a quick nap, it was then time to head to Eric's grandmas, where once again the girls go MO
RE gifts.  Kendall was a seasoned pro and ripping off the paper by now.  We couldn't stay too long because there were some cookies needing to get out for Santa Claus.  We got home, put on some Christmas jammies and got out the milk and cookies.  Kendall had to pick out her very favorite ones. 

 Christmas morning we jumped out of bed to see if Santa came.  What do you know - even more presents to open.  (As I'm wondering where in the heck I'm supposed to put everything!).  Kendall was so sweet Christmas morning.  She kept wanting Sydney to get presents to open.  I'd hand her one of her own, and she'd say, "No.  CeCe present."  K must have thought daddy looked left out, because she then wanted him to open her gifts.  Looking back, after all this gift opening, maybe she was developing carpel tunnel or something and needed a break?  Sydney was more than happy just bouncing away.  Next year may be a different story!
Finally it was time to dress up and head to Christmas mass.  Eric and I were shocked that both girls {mostly Kendall} were so good and we made it through the whole mass.  I guess Christmas miracles do happen. ;)  After that it was finally time to just hang around the house and relax tear apart all of our new toys.  I convinced Eric that we had to start a tradition that night of driving around looking at Christmas lights.  I think I was the only one that was into it, but oh well! 

Hope your holidays were just as merry! :)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Future Betty Crocker

Two years ago, when Kendall was a littly baby in my arms on Christmas, I would think about all of the fun traditions I couldn't wait to start with her.  Fast forward to today, and we started some of those.  Today we made our Christmas cookies to leave out for Santa.  I learned that something as simple as roll out sugar cookies, are never that simpe for me.  But, we did it!  Kendall loved cutting them out.  She'd grab the next shape and squeel, "Now this one mama!"
 She was very serious about the frosting!

 Time for sprinkles!
Ta da!  The finished product!
Maybe next year we'll let Sydney help out a little. :)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Your Three Words

Kendall's Rough Week

Poor Kendall.  She's had quite the last week or so.  It all started last week with the flu.  Then the next night was the awful dresser incident.  We thought after that we could be in the clear.  Not so much...

After being fine last Friday and Saturday, Kendall threw up again Sunday night.  We were pretty confused as to what that was from, but luckily this time it was only once.  However, after her 1am bath to clean her up, she was WIDE awake and ready to play.  I think it was after 5 am when she went to bed.  I tried helping Eric out but at 3:30am I had to go to bed, knowing my lovely alarm clock would be ringing in two hours.  I think he dozed off on the couch, so Kendall may have had her run of the house.  I found her passed out on the living room floor, close to Eric.

Tuesday afternoon Eric left with a friend to go hunting for a couple of days.  Of course, that was the day Kendall was SUPER emotional.  All week she would have major temper tantrums, cry at the drop of the hat and just seemed "off".  Myself and her daycare noticed she'd been pulling at her ear and had complained that her ears hurt a couple of times.

Really, can a kid get the flu, smushed in her closet and an ear infection in one week??  Just in case, I made a dr. appointment for yesterday afternoon.  Apparently, my kid is a good faker.  Her ears are as clear as can be.  I was actually hoping she was sick and at least had an excuse for her attitude.  Yesterday and today have been good so far.  ***Fingers crossed!***

Momma's ready for a break! 

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sydney is 6 months!

Sydney is six months old already...half a the heck did this happen already?!? She's growing up so fast in front of our eyes.

Weight - 15lb 5.5oz (38%)
Length - 25" (25%)
Head - 16" (8%)  Little pin head! :)
Milestones - sitting (for a few seconds before toppeling over)
Eating - started solids!  We started with rice cereal for a week, and then tried out oatmeal.  This past week we've tried sweet potatoes and green beans.  Sydney scarfed both down.  It did not take her long to figure this out.  I think she feels pretty special sitting in the high chair too.  My big girl.
Clothes - 3-6 months.  I think I could pull out some 6-9 month sizes soon.
Diapers - size 2
Sleeping - 1 longer (about 2 hr) nap and a couple shorter 1/2 hr naps during the day.  Sleeps from about 7:30-6 or 6:30 at night.  STILL swaddled.  We're working on weaning, but it's not going too well. 
Activity - really starting to love playing with toys, LOVES her jumper, is happiest watching big sister Kendall, will not stay on her back for more than 2 seconds and rolls all across the living room.

Now, the best part of the monthly birthdays - pictures!!

And here are a couple of her six month pictures we had taken.  So.stinking.cute!! this girl. :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Your Three Words

Scariest Night EVER!!!

Last night Kendall was playing in her closet while we were putting away laundry.  She has a dresser in there straight across from the door.  Her closet door opens into her closet.

Anyway, as I was bringing another laundry basket up the stairs I heard a big thud and Kendall crying.  I went into her room and the closet door was closed.  I tried to open it, but it wouldn't budge.  I kept pushing it thinking she was just in the way but no luck.  I yelled for Eric to come up and he couldn't get it open either.  We could open it about 1/2 and inch when I saw a birthday crown from her bday party on the floor.  That was on top of her dresser, so I knew then that the dresser had fallen over, on Kendall and was the reason we couldn't open the door.

Kendall is crying and screaming and we were freaking out that we couldn't get in there, not knowing how badly she was hurt.  Eric had to pound the door in with a hammer (which scared Kendall even more) and jump in, over the dresser to pull it off of her.  Thank God, it had just fallen on her legs and miraculously she came out without a bruise on her.  We were all pretty scared after that!

The kid never climbs up things so I don't know what she was doing.  Needless to say, Eric screwed the dresser to the wall after that and Kendall walked around with her birthday crown on the rest of the night.  She must have really wanted that thing...

The above picture is what her door looked like after the fact.  The poor thing told me she was scared.  So was I baby girl!  It's been a tough couple of days for this little girl

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I hate vomit!!

I guess that should go without saying. I suppose I shouldn't complain too much. Kendall is over two years old and hasn't really been sick yet, other than a cold. Well, that changed last night. We woke up around 12:45 to what sounded like her choking. We ran in her room to find out she threw up EVERYWHERE!! So nasty.

We got her cleaned up and bathed. Eric had her in her highchair to have some water and a cracker while I worked on the laundry wher round two began. After that, she threw up about 8 more times in about an hour. I felt so bad for the little honey.

We ended up camping out on the living room floor together so we could be with her if she got sick again. Luckily her body finally gave her a little break. She's feeling back to normal today but I just pray Sydney doesn't catch this!

I guess cleaning up vomit is one right of passage I needed to conquor in motherhood. I'm good for awhile now!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wordless {almost} Wednesday

Yesterday was our three year wedding anniversary.  3 years already!!! Time flies when you're having babies! ;)  It's been a wonderful three years and I can't wait to see what the future holds.  Here are some pics from the big day.  I realized I sadly don't have many candids.  Most of ours were the professional pictures and I never got them in digital and haven't got around to scanning most of them.  Maybe some day...

Sunday, December 5, 2010's been a minute

Holy crap!  It's been almost 2 weeks since I've made a post.  WTH have I been up to?  Well, a lot actually so maybe that's my excuse.  Hmmm...where to start. 

Cliffnotes of the last two weeks: 
  • Sydney's first Thanksgiving!  We only ended up doing my side of the family get togethers.  It was actually nice for once not to have to eat and run to get to the next place.  Now we could eat...and sit...and eat...and sit...and eat....well, you get the idea. 
  • I had my first Black Friday shopping, and let me tell you I am HOOKED.  I got so many things for so little, a little, not too much money.  I went a little nuts on the clothes and shoe shopping, but when everything is 50% off, how can you not?  Next year I need to come up with a better plan.  My last store was on the complete opposite side of the mall from where I parked.  I woke up the next morning with a sore arm from carrying my bags.  So sad...
  • Last Saturday we had a wedding reception.  My parents watched the girls and this was the first time Eric and I were both away from them.  We've each had to be gone for a night before, but not together.  It was so fun to have a night out.  The next morning however...not so fun.  Thank goodness for breastmilk test strips! 
  • This past week, Eric has had to work nights.  He'd be gone by the time we got home, and would get home after we went to bed.  Let me tell you, I have a whole new respect for single mothers.  I was pooped by the end of the week!!  I kept planning on writing a post after the girls went to bed, but obviously that didn't happen. :)
  • Sydney Rose had her first taste of solids this week.  I was going to wait until 6 months, but I started just a smidge early.  We have her six month appt this week so I wanted to try it out before we went in case we have any questions for the pedi.  She is doing so well with her rice cereal.  One night she grabbed my hand and pulled the spoon to her mouth. Seriously, how cute is this girl??  Soon it'll be time to add some fruits and veggies.  I'm still in a little denial that it's this time already.  :(

  • Yesterday was picture day.  We had Miss Sydney's six month pictures taken (I have to wait until next Friday to get them back, but the proofs were too cute!).  We had Kendall with and hoped to get a picture of the two of them.  Yep...not a chance.  Kendall wouldn't even get near.  After that defeat it was time to see Santa.
  •   Today has been focused on potty training.  Kendall was very excited to wear her Dora underwear today.  This morning was great.  She went on the potty chair three times in a row, which was a record for her.  After nap was not quite so good, but still progress. 
Hopefully the next couple of weeks will bring a little more time and I get my butt in gear.  See you again in two weeks. :-p