Friday, November 19, 2010

Your Three Words


praciticing sitting

with her BFF, Sophie
 My little girl is five months old.  (Well, to be fair, she's now almost 5 months and 2 weeks.  Mommy was a little too busy with work to update)  Now to the stats:
  • The little peanut is now about 14lbs (27%) and 26" (78%)  Tall and skinny, just like her mom.....ok I couldn't even type that with a straight face.  :)
  • As shown here Sydney has recently been facinated with her toes.  It amazes me how flexible they can be. 
  • 3-6 month clothes
  • size 2 diapers
  • laughing up a storm.  Especially when we play peek-a-boo (which big sister Kendall has a blast doing with her)
  • Still sleeping about 11 hours at night (8-7) and usually a couple catnaps and one 2 hour nap.
  • No solids yet but takes about 3-4 7oz bottles at daycare.
  • rolling like CRAZY.  She will not stay on her back for more than two seconds before she'll flip back to her belly (but only to the right side)  She'll roll across the room until she gets stuck by the couch.  She forgets that she can then roll to her left.
  • Just got her new jumper and l-o-v-e-s it!!
It's so crazy to me how fast time is going.  It's been a blast watching her grow though.

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  1. Hopping over from Jenni's blog. You have a little cutie there! Love the big bow in the first pic.

  2. Aww, look how cute! Time is just going a little too fast this time around...


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