Friday, October 29, 2010

Your Three Words

Happy Halloween!!  We're going to attempt a little trick or treating this weekend.  All month I've been practicing with Kendall.  She'll come with her cute little Hello Kitty halloween bucket and try to say trick or treat.  I'll put a little toy of hers in it, and then she'll say thank you and leave.   You know this'll never happen though.  We'll be all prepped and ready, get to the door and then crickets....nothing. 

The poor thing, Kendall's head is too big for her hat.  Not quite sure how we plan to keep that on Sunday.  For more pics of their costumes click here

Tomorrow afternoon I get a nice hour massage.  My mom got me a gift certificate when I had Sydney.  I can't wait, I just hope this time goes better than last time


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