Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Perfect Weekend

This was one of those weekends that you just sit back and realize how good life is.  We didn't have any plans, which is a nice change of pace.  Eric was out hunting Saturday morning, so the girls and I met my parents, my BFF Melissa and her little boy at the Oktoberfest celebration.  It was a perfect fall day, so it was nice for a reason to be outside.

There was a bounce house that Kendall LOVED!  I didn't know how she'd do with the other kids, but she caught on quickly.  The air was filled with her giggles and Weeeeee's! 
Getting her balance before the big bounces

Making a run for it!
A little video before my memory card was full. 

After the bounce house we were off to see the animals at the petting zoo.  During all of this excitement, little Miss Sydney was all bundled in a blanket sleeping with Grandma.  Grandma's always seem to have the magic touch.  By the time we got home, Kendall was out cold within 5 minutes.  I sat and rocked with Sydney and smiled, thinking what a great life we have. 

Today I was able to get a workout in.    Since starting back at work, I've pretty much quit my P90X schedule.  We are doing a biggest loser competition at work, so I really need to get back into it.  Between finding time to take care of the kids, the house, my job...taking care of me seems to fall to the way side.  I've decided I really need to try to make it a priority.  I still have two pesky pounds to go to get to pre-baby weight.   However, I'd love to go 10 more after that. 

Kendall and I got out for an hour walk after lunch.  Eric and Sydney stayed back to play indoors, so it was fun spending some one on one time with my oldest baby.  As we were walking out the door she said, "Peace Out Dada"  That kid cracks me up!  I should have some abs of steel for all of the laughing I do at her.   Yes, mostly at her, not with her. :)

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