Monday, October 25, 2010

A letter to my Kendall...

Dear Kendall,
I started this blog for you and your sister.  I wanted to have something to be able to give to you two when you got older.  Something to capture the memories, stories, laughter and tears.  Now, as you turned two, I feel I need to tell you about your life to date and what you mean to us.

I always heard that when you become a mother, you learn what true love is.  I always found that funny, because I thought I already knew it.  I loved a lot of people in my life - my family, my friends, and most of all your father.  The minute you were placed in my arms, I finally understood what people were saying.  I never knew that love could consume you.  That love could literally make your heart feel so full that it hurts.  The first few weeks I would feel so happy to have you that I couldn't help but cry.  Daddy always thought something was wrong, but I just couldn't really explain how blessed and happy I was to have you. {Kendall, you will learn someday that boys handle their emotions differently, but that is a lesson for another time}.

You have been the most amazing child.  You were such a happy and easy baby.  Now, you are my happy and easy toddler.  While you've had your moments of "terrible twos", you by far are just a great girl.  You have learned and changed so much this past year.  I really think you are a genious.  I know all mother's think that they have the smartest and most beautiful children.  They're could they?  I do!! :) 

In your second year of life you learned to walk (a little bit of a late bloomer on that my love), got your first tooth (again, a little bit of a late bloomer) and had 15 teeth follow that first tooth.  You are now saying so many words.  Your favorite word for most of the year was baby.  Then baby Sydney came along (baby CeCe as you like to call her).  Oh Kendall, how you LOVED your little sister.  It made my love for you grow even more to see how caring you are.  You always love to give her kisses, to play with her, and most of all try to comfort her if she cries.  You are always there to take care of her, and I hope you continue with that as the two of you grow.  You have a best friend built in for life.

You have so much excitement for life.  We have to always laugh at you because you flap your arms and look like you're about to fly away.  I think you just can't contain all your joy.  Don't stop - happiness is contagious and you will keep a lot of friends around you with your happy attitude. 

Some other things you love:
  • Your nuk (sorry my love, we really need to be getting rid of this soon)
  • Your box-box as you call it
  • Nick Jr (especially Dora and Wonder Pets)
  • Clothes - you could get rid of all your toys and be happy forever with a basket of laundry.  If I just got it all folded, you seem to really like to dig in
  • Your shoes - my little fashionista has now started telling me what shoes you want to wear
  • Hats - we have to hide your winter hats because you insist on walking around in them all day, even if it makes you sweat
  • Books - you will sit in your little chair and read books for hours.
  • Your buddy Blake - you are such a good friend to him.  If he's sad you will run to give him hugs and give him your toy.  It makes me proud to see what a good friend you can be.  However, I have also seen you sock him when he tried to take something from you. ;)
  • Bubble baths
  • Your sleep - you take about 3 hour naps in the afternoon and will sleep from about 9-9:30pm to about 8-9am (unless we need to get up for daycare)
I love you so much, ladybug.  It makes me so sad to have you growing up on me.  I want to keep you little and innocent.  I never want you to leave my lap.  However, I love watching you grow and thrive.  I know the future will bring us so much joy and I can't wait to see what it has in store for you.



  1. Oh, my baby, Tessa Lee,
    I know exactly how you feel - and you know, the love keeps on growing and consuming you! But feeling that love for your child(ren) is what makes each day of your life another day of awe and wonder. Continue to enjoy each day of motherhood and when you get to be my age, may you be blessed with grandmotherhood!
    Love you baby girl!

  2. what a beautiful post for your {oldest} baby girl! wow... two years old. seems so far away but i'm sure it'll be here in a flash :)


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