Monday, September 6, 2010

Fun Times at Nickelodeon Universe

On Friday we went down to Mpls for a consult with the Dr. for Kendall's birthmark.  The nurse is going to call on Tuesday with some information, but I think Eric and I have decided to go ahead with it.  We have decided to do it in two separate appointments, which should hopefully minimize the scar she'll have.  It's nerve wracking to think about my beautiful little girl getting put under and having surgery, but we feel this will be in her best interest.  We find her perfect in every way, but I remember what it is like growing up and we don't want her teased.  We want Kendall (and Sydney of course) to have the best life possible.  We aren't able to keep her in a bubble or shelter her from teasing, but we want to try out best! :)

After the appointment, it was off to Mall of America.  Kendall was in second heaven!  Right away she spotted the giant Dora the Explorer picture and and screamed "Dada, Dada!  Boo! Boo!"  (somehow Eric and Dora have the same name. :)  She sure does love her Dora and Boots though!)  We bought tickets and Kendall was so excited to hit the rides.  She kept squealing "Ride! Ride! Ride!  Weeeeee!!!"
I love this picture - it shows her excitement! :)
It was an awesome day.  Kendall had so much fun and was in a great mood, and Sydney was a little trooper also.

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  1. I love the look on her face in that first picture!


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