Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Child, please eat!

Pizza, cheese, bread, chicken nuggets, mini corndogs, grapes, apples...that is all Kendall will eat!  The little stinker will not try anything anymore.  As soon as I figure out something she likes and buy a lot of it (yogurt, peaches, etc) she suddenly decides she won't touch it.  So frustrating!

I feel bad that she's not eating balanced meals, but at this point I just want the little runt to eat.  The days of breastmilk/formula were so much easier! :(

On another note, Sydney has been going to sleep even earlier lately, which has been good and bad.  It's nice that she now goes to bed at 8 so I have some time to catch up on things before I go to bed at night.  However, I only see the little sweetheart for a couple of hours before she is sleeping.  Makes the weekends that much better I guess.

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