Friday, August 27, 2010

Your Three Words

I'm stealing this idea from Jenni.  She saw this on Good Morning America to sum up your week (or upcoming weekend) in just three words.  I will try to do this every Friday.

I have been telling Eric I wanted him to bring me golfing all summer.  By the time I got the all clear after my c-section it seems like summer was in full force and we were always busy.  I just realized that there are only two weekends left of summer.  TWO!!!  How is it almost Labor Day already?!?  Eric has a lot going on this weekend, but I'm hoping we'll be able to slip in a little time for the two of us.

On another note, the sand is finally in the sandbox and Kendall is loving it!  A local newspaper saw the progress when it was being built at my dad's house and wanted to do story on it.  They will be stopping by on Monday to get some pictures of Grandpa and the girls playing in it. 

Before we went to bed last night I asked Eric if he found another job yet so I can stay home.  He laughed at me....looks like I'll be a working woman again before I know it. :( 

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  1. Aww I hope you can find some time for just the two of you! Summer went sooo fast!

    Thanks for playing mama!

    PS- my link isn't working yet... but soon ;)


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