Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kendall is growing up!

Yesterday Kendall turned twenty-two months.  How is my little baby going to be 2 already in 2 short months?!?  She's now up to 25 lbs (39th percentile).  She was stuck at 23.5 for probably 6 months.  She's about 34" now. (82nd percentile).  Tall and skinny...just like her momma.  Hahaha - I wish!!

She has been so much fun lately.  The words are coming fast and furious.  I need to watch myself because she's repeating so many words.  I love how they come out.  She always wants to be my little helper.  Last night we were putting away laundry and she kept telling me it was "my shit".  She means my shirt, but it never gets less funny hearing her say it. ;)

Every night when I bring Sydney to bed, Kendall says Nigh Nigh Baby.  Momma, Shhhh!!  Good thing she keeps me on my toes so I don't get too loud and wake the baby!  As much as I want her to stay my little baby, I love watching her grow up and turning into such a fun little girl. 

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